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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Teenage Substance Abuse

Teenage Substance Abuse Disorder – Therapy, Repercussions and Signs

Teenage substance abuse must be resolved quickly, as the impacts of youth addiction and substance abuse are just too great. Teenage substance abuse addiction therapy cannot be handled like traditional substance abuse addiction therapy. 

  At New Hope Addiction and Intervention Services, our staff understand the mindset of today's generation. Please get in touch with our office to get your child the substance abuse counseling needed before the situation gets worse.

  Consequences of Substance Abuse in Teenagers

The repercussions of teen substance abuse are extensive. Not only will school performance suffer, but also during this crucial time of teenage development, those at this age who misuse components fall behind on social development. 

Teen Substance abuse also enhances the possibility of harm due to accident, increases actual psychological medical concerns, and enhances the possibility of HIV/AIDS transmitting. The repercussions of teenage substance abuse are not limited to more powerful drugs. Research have found that teenage drug misuse of alcohol enhances their possibility of dependency in their lives, as well as presents side effects, such as being diabetic, hypertension, and cardiac arrest.

Teenage Substance Abuse Treatment

At New Hope Addiction and Intervention Services in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, we understand teenage thinking and what teenage substance abuse does to a family. 

Not only do we try getting your teenager free from substance abuse, we also educate, by helping teens understand their feelings. 
If you suspect your teen’s abusing substances, please get in touch with our office. At New Hope Addiction and Intervention Services, we offer teen’s substance abuse therapy and guidance that produces personalized, cost-effective treatments teaching and educating your teenager the importance of abstinence of mind altering substances.
of mind altering substances.

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