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Sober Escorting

Sober Escorts

New Hope Addiction and Intervention Services provides non-confrontational sober transport service from home to drug and treatment centers to aftercare programs or back home  

Sober Escorts provide a liason with substance abuse treatment provider, supporting family members and other professionals as needed 

Sober Escort transports the patient to treatment, or help the family enforce healthy boundaries and consequences should the patient decide against treatment
Sober Escorts gives assistance in admisions to an outpatient therapy program session, aftercare, and/or other therapies. 
•Our Sober Escort Services coordinate with the treatment center to explain the discharge data and review the discharge plan with family 
Sober Escorts provide case management and family support for a predetermined period of time and coordingating a safe physical and emotional return from treatment. 
•Sober Escorts can be essential in assisting with legal issues such as court dates or DMV related issues
Sober Escort Services inclusively introduce family members and close friends that are included in the client’s aftercare plan to 12-step  meetings and support  in in their area

Providing transportation through a sober escort service will provide and added layer of protection and safety, when your loved one is on their way to substance abuse treatment. You can be assured that your loved one will get from the beginning of their desination to the arrival into the treatment center.  Sober Escort Services will appropriately check your loved one into the treatment center nurse.