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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

New Hope Addiction and Intervention Services


 Dan Renaud, B.S., ICADC, CAP 

Dan Renaud is a respected addiction counselor and has worked throughout Jacksonville, Florida and the South East. Addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teenager, his addiction landed himself into endless and hopeless situations. In becoming a young adult he joined the United States Navy, hoping for a new direction in his life.  The impact of the addiction followed into the Navy with resulting in "get clean" or "get out."

He was depressed, suicidal and desperate to make the changes necessary to have a better life for himself.   Although he had made a start to overcome the addiction, the change was by no means over. He had to begin a new journey to put his life on the right path to addiction recovery.  Dan Renaud has been in recovery for over 25 years and has helped countless others follow their own journey into recovery. It is not uncommon to experience depression, anxiety, and other controlling feelings in addition to struggling with the addiction substance abuse.  Addiction is a family disease and has an impact on everbody and over reaches into every aspect of our lives.

With a reputation in integrity, Dan Renaud has served on panels and has given lectures at colleges, schools and seminars on addictions. He also held the Co-chair postion for the State of Florida Convention in 2013. He specializes in family crisis intervention, individuals,  multiple group addiction therapies.

Worldwide, substance abuse disorder is gaining attention for the damage it does to families and communities, and the need for trained, ethical addiction  professionals is growing at a rapid pace.  

Besides being an excellent leader in the treatment of addiction, Dan
holds an international Credential through IC&RC.  This certification promotes public protection by setting standards and developing examinations for addiction credentialing prevention, substance abuse treatment and recovery professionals. 

For those seeking recovery for themselves or their loved one, please know it is possible. People can get better and addiction treatment does work. Please do not give up before the miracle happens. It is with great honor tht I continue to serve this community with New Hope Addiction and Intervention Services.
To speak with or someone who can help you or a loved one through your addiction. Text or call and you can even remain anonymous if you like.
(904) 864-6463(904) 770-0445

Specialties include: Substance abuse counseling (adolesent and adult), DUI/ North Florida Safety Council classes, pain management, counseling,  addiction and critical incentent debriefing. 

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